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Burridge Family Reunion 2006

The Burridge Family Reunion is planned for August 11th and 12th at Heber Valley Camp. Heber Valley Camp is located East of Heber, Utah. Check-in time is no earlier than 2:00 p.m. Friday and check-out time is no later than 5:00 p.m. Saturday. We have reserved space at Camp Marjorie Pay Hinckley (Cabins).

We have reserved Campsite #4 which is a 4 - Cabin campsite that will sleep 64. The cabins have bunk beds with no mattresses so you need to bring an air mattress and bedding.

We have reserved two different times to use Legacy Lake, the reservations are for 30 people at 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. and 34 people at 11:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. We have also reserved a slot for 30 individuals for the Challenge Course on Saturday at 2:15 - 4:30. We will have sign-up sheets available for you to choose the times you would like to use these facilities.

You can check out these facilities and activities on line at

We are asking for $10.00 per family to pay for Heber Valley Camp. We feel this is a very reasonable cost per family.

Directions from the North

1. Take Interstate 80 to Highway 40, just east of the Park City exits. Turn south on Highway 40, go past the Jordanelle Reservoir and through downtown Heber City until you come to 1200 South. Turn left (east).

2. Proceed east on 1200 South for about 5 miles to the end of the road (6400 East).
(Be careful - the speed limit in this section is only 30-35 mph and the Heber police do patrol the road!)

3. The wide road to the right (south) is the main access road to the camps. Follow the paved road four miles to the Welcome Center.

Directions from Utah County and Points South

1. Take Provo Canyon east to Heber City. When you reach the intersection with Highway 40, keep going straight (east) through the signal light. This road becomes 1200 South.

2. Continue traveling east on this road approximately 5 miles to 6400 East where the road ends.
(Be careful - the speed limit in this section is only 30-35 mph and the Heber police do patrol the road!)

3. The wide road to the right (south) is the main access road to the camps. Follow the paved road four miles to the Welcome Center.










Friday Evening:
Hot Dogs - Hamburgers - Chips - Dessert
Bring whatever you would like to fix over the campfire. If you need weiner roasting sticks you need to bring them with you.
You can purchase them at a variety of places like Wal-Mart.

Saturday Breakfast:
Continental Style Breakfast
Bring Muffins - Cold Cereal & milk - or what your family would like.

Saturday Lunch:
Bring uncooked Chicken pieces for your family.
We will furnish dutch oven potatoes and tossed salad for everyone!


Make Plans For 2007
The Burridge Family Reunion will be held July 13th and 14th. We have made reservations for Heber Valley Camp. Make plans now to attend, we are giving you more than a year notice so that you can make arrangements now!!

Please send your news and addresses of family members to:
Cheri Mickelson
125 West Center
Providence, UT 84332
TOUR OF THE ANCESTRAL GRAVES at St. John and Clover will be held May 20, 2006. We will meet at the Burridge Graves in St. John Cemetery at 10:00 a.m. After cleaning and decorating the graves, we will eat lunch in Tooele.

Since our last publication, we have learned that four of our loved ones have passed on to join our loved ones on the other side of the veil. We extend our love and our sympathies to their families.

Gerome Rasmussen, husband of Bonnie Rasmussen and son of Ivie and Alma Rasmussen, died January 9, 2006.

Ruth Pond Lloyd, wife of Liberty Ray Lloyd, died February 20, 2006.

Duane Stoker, husband of Carolyn Rasmussen Stoker, died February 28, 2006.

Ethel Neeleman, granddaughter of Charlotte Hannah Burridge, died July 24, 2005.

On April 15, 2006, David Christie, a descendent of Daniel Shaw (brother of Hannah Jane Shaw Burridge), began a 200 mile walk from Seattle to Portland to raise money for the Salvation Army. This fund raiser is especially designed to benefit children who have lost a parent in military action. This effort has special meaning to Dave because when he was 4 years old, his father was killed. The Salvation Army helped the Christie family get back on their feet. To support his "Walk with a Purpose" you can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY or visit Designate all checks for "The Walk". He is hoping to raise $500,000 by Memorial Day.

Gary Neeleman, great grandson of Charlotte Hannah Burridge and son of Ethel Steele Neeleman writes that his daughter, Pamela, and son in law, Stephan, were blessed with quadruplets on Dec. 21, 2004. The smallest, Stephen James, got to go home on June 15th after 7 major surgeries. As of Christmas 2005, they ranged in weight from 14 to 20 pounds. They are doing wonderfully well and are truly miracles. November 9, 2005, Isaac Andrew Wilson was born to Gary's daughter, Lisa, and husband, Mike. On November 28, 2005, John and Gwendolyn brought little Victoria Sandra into the world. This brings the total of grandchildren for Gary and Rose to 32. Gary writes, "There may be some grandparents who love their grandchildren more than we do, but I can't say I know many, if any. They are so much a part of our lives that rarely a day goes by without us having contact with many of them."

Stephen and Christine recently moved to Alpine, UT with their 5 children. Stephen is practicing surgery at the American Fork Hospital while serving as CEO and founder of Health Equity - his health savings company.

Mike and Lisa are living in their new home in Draper, UT.

John and Gwendolyn have bought a new home in the Seattle area. They are busy with their law practices.

Gary also writes, "though a bit more regulated because of my Honorary Brazilian Consular chores, and my Mormon Bishop duties, our travels during the year still carried us far and wide.

We were in Brazil in February and then in June with granddaughters April and Hilary, with a side trip to Argentina and Uruguay. And then in Brazil again in December with David and Vicki for some special events in San Jose dos Campos where David addressed 1300 people mostly from the Embraer plant where they manufactured David's new E190 jet aircraft. David placed an order for 100 of these jets nearly 2 years ago, and was extremely pleased to be able to take delivery on the first ½ dozen of these incredible new aircraft, adding to his Jet Blue fleet of over 80 A320 airbuses.

David doesn't ever seem to stop. In September, we accompanied him and Vicki to Tampa, FL. where he was awarded the Tony Janis Award, one of commercial aviation's most prestigious recognitions.

We were also in the Panama in March for the Inter American Press Association convention and in August we traveled with dear friends back to Australia where we visited friends and newspaper editors in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Australian Gold Coast, and Adelaide."

They had a wonderful week with Stephen and Christine and their children in Orlando in mid-winter and at the end of the summer, they took 4 of their 13 year old grandchildren to Puerto Rico.

Their media consulting business continues to move forward and although it is certainly not making them rich, they enjoy the people they consult for and have a wonderful time maintaining old and dear contacts in the newspaper and magazine business the world over.

Their youngest son, Mark, started the year with them, but later moved over to Health Equity to work with his brother. Mark graduated last spring from the University of Utah in the College of Humanities in International Business.

Hello Burridge Family. Tidbits from the Heber Zollinger Clan, son of Aaron and Pearl Neddo Zollinger.

Heber is still in the fix it, and remodeling mode. He just celebrated his 85th year going to a rock show in Pocatello, Idaho with his friends, Jim and Jeanette Bennett. Wonders never cease, after 26 years in their home in Malta, he finally got the main bathroom done.

Mae, his wife, is doing her plastic canvas artistry. She will be celebrating her 81st birthday in May. Also Heber and Mae will be celebrating 61 years of being together in May.

Char Lane George, their oldest daughter, is helping her dad with remodeling projects, genealogy, scrapbooking, and handwork.

Taunya Lyons, Char Lane's daughter, is still going to Cosmetology School in Boise, and also working full time.

Jesse Mae Higbee, Heber's second daughter, writes, "I still work for Miller Mortgage Services, as a Wholesale Broker, commercial and residential real estate, going on 14 years. Devoted to my "Labor of Love, guts our remodel job" with dad's help of course on my 2600 square foot home in east Murray. Still part time quilting, hoping to open up a "quilt reproduction" custom shop called Kayden's Korner in Utah by spring 2007. Being Lake Powell junkies we are looking forward with excited anticipation to another season of boating in Lake Powell, but of all my favorites it is spending time with my special side-kick, grandbaby Kayden.

Cambridge Hossfeld, Jesse's daughter, is still working full time and also going to school full time, plus raising and beautiful son."

Kayden Hossfeld, Cambridge's son, loves his grandma Jesse. He is in 1st grade.

Chavis Higbee, Jesse's son, writes, "I work at XanGo, where I am a customer Service Agent. I basically take phone calls and send people our product which is a dietary supplement, We are the 5th largest Multi Level Marketing(mlm) in the world, My hobbies are just basically hanging out with my friend playing basketball, football, video games, whatever!"

Darien Zollinger, Heber and Mae's one and only son, is doing will with his job working for PMT Telephone Company. He does mostly the businesses phone lines.

Tracy Zollinger, Darien's wife, is busy keeping the home fires burning for her husband and 2 boys. When she has time, she likes to craft.

Kamron Zollinger, Darien's oldest son, is just recuperating from a bad case of chicken pox. He is in the 7th grade. He likes to play football and basketball and also play chess. He was selected from his band group to play in the all star high school band in Twin Falls, Idaho. This band consisted of band students selected from different high schools in the area to play as a group. They put on a concert for their family and friends.

Karson Zollinger, Darien's youngest son. is a 2nd grader. So far he has not come down with the chicken pox. He is involved with Cub Scouts. He built a birdhouse with his dad's help using old license plates for the roof. He also helps his grandpa Heber with whatever he can, and also visits grandma Mae alot. He likes to read books that have chapters, even though he is only in the second grade.

Well this is the end of the Heber Zollinger Clan tidbits. Hope everyone is doing well. Hope to see a lot of you at the Reunion. Char Lane

Suzi Palmer, daughter of Charell and Paul Harris, is the office manager for a countertop manufacturing company, does some accounting work for small businesses on the side and teaches the Beehives in her ward. But in her heart, she is first and foremost still the mom. Ken Palmer, her husband, is very busy writing mortgages, being a high councilman, and being the District Scout Commissioner.

Melissa Burridge was recently appointed to the Westminster College Woman's Board. They host the annual Silver Tea and a Christmas event along with other initiatives with all funds raised going to scholarships. She has 3 semesters left in the Master of Professional Communication program, and will write a history of the Woman's Board for her field project.

She recently had a couple of articles published!! The first one is work related, about the School of Nursing and Health Sciences for the Westminster alumni newsletter and the other is for The Enterprise business newspaper here in SLC as part of a class about writing business news. Here are the links:

Christian Burridge (formerly known as "Tim") has announced his run for Congress as a Democrat in the 3rd District. He plans to unseat Chris Cannon. His info can be found at

News from Dennis Anderson:

Over the President's week vacation, February 19 - 26 we found out exactly how many we could put in our motorhome. It holds Grandma, Grandpa and 9 grandkids. At night we were packed in like sardines with two queen-size beds, a queen-size air mattress and a single air mattress on the floor and two smaller boys on the dinette/bed. But everybody had a good time and we only had to threaten one grandson with a plane ticket home. Fortunately the kids aren't "complainers" and are generally willing to go along with Grandpa's weird travel plans.

We spent one day at Solvang, a Danish town recreated in south-central California. In one of the museums there, we got to see first hand some of the Danish traditions that we'd heard about from various sources - both RoseMary and I have strong Danish roots.

Three days were spent at Disneyland. That wasn't quite long enough to see everything but it was long enough to spend a chunk of Grandpa's GE severance pay. The fast passes were great for maximizing our visit. Even the teenagers enjoyed the park.

We spent the last part of the trip in San Diego - Sea World on Friday and the Wild Animal Park wrapped up the adventure on Saturday.

On Wednesday as part of Easter vacation, Dennis took a few of the grandkids to Coyote Point, a natural history museum and small zoo located just south of the San Francisco airport. On Thursday we went to the beach at Santa Cruz where the kids got close and nearly personal with a frolicking sea otter and grandpa got a very sunburned head and face when he fell asleep without a hat.

Then on Friday they conspired to kill grandpa with an eight-mile hike at Pinnacles National Monument, about 75 miles southeast of San Jose. We saw lots of lizards and small animals but none of the six or so condors that inhabit the rocky cliffs. Maybe that's because we were too tired to look up!

Saturday the kids gave RoseMary (Dennis's wife) a birthday party at the park. I won't give away her age, but the decorations were provided by one daughter who said "I went to the store and imagined what a 6 year-old would want and bought it". There was one concession to our age - one of the two piñatas had sugar-free candy, just for the old folks.

Brent Anderson, son of Randy and Raeleen Anderson, hs been hired as the head Soccer Coach for the women's program at Utah Valley State College (UVSC) in Provo, UT.

Jeffrey Anderson reports that his family is all doing well. Jeff, JaNae (his wife) and Dakota (his son) went on a school sponsored trip to Washington, D.C. in March. They saw many wonderful sights in a very short time. Now they know what they want to go back and see when they have more time. Their son, Brandon, is doing well in his education at BYU Idaho. Their son, Jordan, is doing well in his mission to Kentucky.


February 4th was a very important day for the family of Suzie and Kenny Palmer. Matthew Palmer was baptized by his brother, Joey and confirmed by his father, Kenny. Danny Palmer was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood by his father, Kenny.

Jim Palmer and his sweet wife, Rebecca Ann, will be sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake temple on June 10th. Becky is currently a Primary teacher in her ward and Jim is the Elder's Quorum Secretary.


Elder Nathanael Gardner, son of Mary Isolampi Gardner and Cliff Gardner, is serving in Brazil and has 7 converts so far (since August). He is the grandson of Hazel Zollinger Isolampi and David Isolampi.

David Mark Nilson, son of Jeena and Clair Nilson, accepted a call to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma LDS Mission. He entered the MTC March 22.

Joseph Palmer, son of Suzi and Kenneth, has received his mission call to the Canada, Edmonton mission. He will be entering the MTC on July 12. He is very excited because he didn't want to go anywhere too hot. I guess since it gets -30 there, he got his wish. Joe plays many musical instruments and it just so happens that his mission president is a retired BYU music professor. The Lord really does know his missionaries.


Brooklyn Gabrielle Rust was born on February 9, 2006 weighing 8 lbs. 9 oz. She is the latest edition to the Bartley and Nicole (Anderson) Rust family, and is welcomed by big sister Brynlee.

On March 7th, Karlie Swenson got an unexpected birthday present for her 11th birthday. She got a new baby brother named Jackson Brock Swenson weighing 7 lbs. even. Bret and Natalie (Anderson) Swenson are the parents of Jackson with Adrienne, Karlie, and Peyton the siblings.

Randy and Raeleen are the proud grandparents of these two new babies.


Hannah Charlotte, daughter of Melissa Burridge, is appearing as Glinda, The Good Witch, in Rosecrest Elementary's "The Wizard of Oz" April 4, 5, & 6th, in Salt Lake City.

It is her first principle role and she is a vision to behold in her cloud of pink gown. Everyone is blown away by her voice on her solo "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" number. She is a 5th grader at Rosecrest this year. She has been taking ice skating lessons and is playing the flute in the school orchestra. She also is devouring a Nancy Drew book every other day.

Spencer Burridge, son of Melissa Burridge, is excelling at computer animation at East Hollywood High School. A local production company adopted his logo for their program "Cycling in the Hive" and he is working as a film editor on that project. They are preparing to stage "Macbeth" and he is hoping to play the role of his ancestor McDuff. He continues to be innovative with his guitar work and is a popular session player with several groups of his co-students.


Bradley Gardner, son of Mary Isolampi Gardner and Cliff Gardner will graduate from High School June 6, 2006. He is the grandson of Hazel Zollinger Isolampi and David Isolampi.


Easton Anderson, 6 years old, took home a trophy for winning a game in his first chess tournament on January 28, 2006. Tennessee Anderson and Easton participated in their school's History Fair. They did a very impressive project on the history of Lego blocks. Their parents are Brent and Kathy Anderson. Randy and Raelene are their proud grandparents.


Mia Palmer is still a 4.0 student at Roy High. She will be taking the finals for three college level courses next week. She wishes she could skip her Senior year and go straight to college, but then she'd miss all the fun of Chamber choir, football games, etc. So she's trying to be content with taking college classes in High School. It's much more affordable that way anyway.

Becky Charell Palmer is going to graduate from college in one more semester. She has accepted a job as a reporter at the Ogden Standard Examiner. Her Mom has mixed emotions about that, because her job is the overnight police beat and it's hard for Becky to see all the tragedy that happens and to write about it. She hopes to become the political correspondent, but for now is content to have a foot in the door at a real newspaper, not a student one.

The rest of the little Palmers (not so little anymore) are doing well and are happy and busy and noisy. Suzi and Ken Palmer are their parents; Charell and Paul are their loving grandparents.